Monday, June 25, 2007

Falls Short Of Supplier Products Quality

We used to send out some products sample to supplier monthly, and some of the item is kind of easy to break. So, we have to be handling and packing very carefully. We usually get all the packaging materials like bubble wrap, carton box and mailing parcel box from the same supplier. We have dealing with the same supplier quite a long time; however, we found that there is some quality problem with the packaging materials recently. The quality are lousy than what we requested at the beginning.

We have complaint to them and request for exchange and warning them if there are any falls short of the products quality in the future, we going to stop purchase from them. Although we are not giving them huge purchase amount, but it's still there lost if we stop purchase from them, because our payment are make on time and the purchase price are not cheap at all. We are looking forward to get better services; I hope that we are able to continue our business in the future.

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