Saturday, April 13, 2013

Spend For Hobby

I didn’t know an exceptional cajon will cost few hundred dollar. Hai…I think I am really know nothing about music instrument. I only know there is piano, guitar, violet..And never know there are so many other instruments. Haha.. Seem like playing music is not a cheap hobby at all..However, I believe people who love music wouldn’t be stingy to spend on this..Just like my friend who loves photography so much and willing to spend thousands of dollars in his equipments.

He Will Be Late

Hubby told me back home at 6.30pm so that we could reach mother in law's home before 7pm. But he just called me and said he will be late..probably will arrive home at 6.30pm.. He still have to take bath and rest before departure to mother in law's home. So I think we could only reach there around 7.30 - 8pm. .haii...I better prepare some light food for my daughter..else they will keeps complaint hungry in the journey.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Missed Call

Received a missed call from Jackie who is from a kitchen cabinet company this morning. I was just thinking how to get him free all the pull knobs kitchen cabinet for me. He promised to free two drawer soft closing system for me but never mention about other items. Well, I think he will charged me for other items. Anyway.. I am gotta call him now, time to negotiate for more discount now.

Monday, March 04, 2013

Negative Thinking I have

I know I am selfish..Sometimes, I would think that how good would it be if I have no children. I could go anywhere without take care of the kids. I could spend my times with friends but not stay at home 24 hours just to take care of them. I do not have to rush here and there for them. I do not have to be angry all the times.. haiii I am being too negative huh? Yes, I am..

Friday, March 01, 2013

Another Gift for Her

If I could not find a suitable gift for JC before she move to Shanghai, I think I will get her the best metronome as gift. I know her daughter and son is learning piano. So I think a metronome might suitable to buy as gift for her. I must buy it and meet her again by this Friday. Hopefully I could make it on time.

Angry make me no mood

I really do not know how to control my temper. I am trying hard not to be angry, not to scold the children everyday. But they always make me lost control. They have thousand of action could drive me crazy..I am so sad could not control myself. I think I have no hope to live without anger..They will just drive me crazy could I live easily, at least nobody will make me angry.

Leaving Country Soon

I met my secondary school best friend last week. We have a very good gathering. She told me she has a working contract at Shanghai and her family will move to Shanghai for 3 years. She will be leaving on coming Sunday. I am thinking to buy her some gift before she moves out. I know she loves pet, I believe she will need a pet to accompany her at Shanghai, so I am thinking to choose some bed for pets. I hope she will like it.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Cigar Magazines

You could find all sources of information regarding high quality cigars and tobacco at cigar magazines. You could find cigars that can be smoked as a single flavor or mixed to create your own unique flavor. Cigars that does contain extra nicotine, only the amount found in the plant naturally. It is never infused with more nicotine or have any of the added products normally found in cigarettes. It is filtered through water and creates a big, billowy cloud of smoke. Well, all kind of cigars information are so easy to found nowaday. Just in the cigar magazines..

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

CNY Postcard

It is time to find greeting card printing for CNY now. My boss already inform us to find printing company and get more quotation to compare. We have to compare the price and also design the card now, so that it could print out as soon as possible once confirms the printing company. I am interested in printing postcards actually; this would be something new for the company. I am checking on the print postcards at, tips that their provided is useful. I will show boss about the postcard and let’s see if he interested too.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Good Friend

The Wool Cowboy Hat hubby show me look great! That is a gift from his friend who just back from vacation. So nice to have such good friend who will still remember to buy souvenir for you when travelling. Too bad, I just don’t have such luck to own friend like that. Nobody will buy me souvenir, I think they don’t even remember me when travelling. haha

He is So Busy ler..

Hubby went out for a meeting already. Leaving me and two daughter at home. He will going outstation tomorrow early morning too.. I am still thinking should I sent the girl overnight at grandmother home or not.. I was planning to send them tomorrow, so that I could spend more time with hubby but now the plan have to cancel already. haii

Will He Spend For It

School holiday will be end soon. I wonder my cousin still interested in the marshall jcm 800 at guitar center or not. He told me he will working at school holiday so that could use the earning to buy guitar. Well, already 1month gone, he should get his pay already. I am very curious that will he spend all the pay to buy the guitar.