Thursday, June 14, 2007

Find My Dream Car

I don't know how others woman buy their new car, for me buying a new car is really a hard job. The main reason is I know nothing about the car model and car performance. I almost know nothing about all car related topic. So, how to select which car to buy for a stupid woman like me? I don't want to ended up buy a costly and worst car.

Usually I will look for my friends to help me when I need a new car. But its quite shame to let people I am a car idiot. haha

But now I should not fear to buying a car by my own because i can get help from ask patty now. I can check all the info the the website or advice on purchases and automative related topics. I think this will be a safe place for women to get those necessary info. They have certified female friendly car dealership and research which have side by side comparisons. This is useful.

Thanks for Ms. Jody DeVere who is the president of A lady who has more than twenty five years of achievement in sales and marketing leadership including ten years developing web based business solutions across diverse industries. hmm..Wonder could I get the we based business tips on the website or Find Your Dream Car on Ask Patty!

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