Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Start My Own Jewelry Projects

I'm thinking of start my own Jewelry projects now. I just come across a website teaching people how to make own jewelry, the instruction look quite easy. Therefore, I think I could try to do it myself and create some unique and beautiful jewelry for myself. I might not creative enough to match and mix those beads, so I will choose their complete jewellery making kits that included all the beads and components needed for the design. In addition, the most important is the kits come together with a colorful instruction to teach me how to complete the design. I believe I can make it by follow the instructions.

If I could complete 2 - 3 making kits without problem, then I will consider ordering the beads separately and start to create my own design. I actually has eye on some of the beads and charm in Lallette's website, I will bookmarked it and visit again when I pick up the making skill. :p

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