Saturday, June 30, 2007

Thing You Have To Know Before Drving To Mexico

I visited a website which primarily selling their mexican car insurance to tourists whom driving to Mexico. This is the first time I heard about this kind of insurance. Of cause, I know what car insurance in the market is, I'm just don't know those car insurance that bought at US or Canada is not recognized within Mexico. I don't know that due to Mexico's Napoleonic law, accident happen to your car (they called this is technically felony), the authorities will not repair the car until you deemed the payment for damage and responsible to paid to the injured party. Actually, Mexican only wants the proof of financial responsibility to third parties. Therefore, I think the better solution is buying the Mexican Auto Insurance before you driving to Mexico.

Mexico Insurance Store Provide instantly services for use who want to get quote and buy Mexican Auto Insurance. You are given the choice of enter your vehicle information and purchase a policy online and then print a legitimate and recognized Mexican Auto Certificate online or call them to enter the information for you, then request them to email or fax the policy to you. They are serves you the most convenient way. You can start your driving to Mexico anytime then.

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