Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Transporter Current Problem

My transporter keeps complaint to me regarding his truck recently. He told me that they are hard to get the OTR tires for his truck. I didn't know about the shortage of OTR tires, so I'm not sure how difficult for them to purchase the OTR tires. However, I think if there really having worldwide shortage of OTR tires, then my supplier will be in trouble. Not only talking about hard to get, I'm sure the pricing will be extremely high even he know where to find those tires.

He should have a look at BuyBigTires website. There offering wide range of tires from major dealers like Bridgestone, General, Michelin, Goodyear and others. For whom looking for OTR tires, you don't need to search for others anymore, because you can get all the pricing in this website. Where to find a company willing to listed their pricing opening in the time of shortage problem?

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