Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Backup My Company Whole Computer System

I bet most of the blogger wish to backup their entire blog just to make sure that the post they write won't be lost. The more we heard about blog been hacked and lost their post, the more I will scare, because I used my heart to write and setup my own blog. If I lost all of it I'm sure will be very sad.

And, Our company are looking for company that providing Backup services too. My boss finally decided to get the backup for all of our company data. I'm very happy she did that, because the company data really important to our company. I can't image that what will happen if someone hacked our company and all the private and confidential documents are explore. This may cause our business a big loss! Beside the money, the most important is we might lose the trust from customer too. I will check through the detail of Acronis backup software and report to her sooner.

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