Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Travel Insurance For Business Trip

Although, my boss have not need to buy those age concern travel insurance yet. But I do help her to buy Travel Insurance for every business trip. I am no sure will others company offer travel insurance to their worker that have to travel to oversea for business frequently. However, our company is providing this facility to our staff. Moreover, I really love this kind of benefit.

The staff is working for our company, besides leaving their family travel to oversea alone. They have to stay in a very different environment to help our company grow. This actually is will generate more sales to our company. So why don't company offer the best for them? The payment for the travel insurance will not cost much. Get the peace of mind with paying a little more money for that, worth it right? Hey! If your company did not provide this benefit, please let them know how you wish you could get that, this is a protection for your family too.

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