Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Senior People Treat Gamble Like Entertainment Only

One of my blogger friends is a Christian. She told being a Christian should not gamble no matter how. I am thinking that most of the religions are not advices people to gamble actually, but I think it is ok if we treat gamble as an entertainment only but not addicted to it. Some peoples just too greedy or they have no good self-control to avoid addiction to gamble. I think their greedy lead them to addiction.

Many senior people I know like to gamble, they treat gamble like their entertainment and a way for them to chitchat and share their life. Some of them even take bus every week going to casino to join the live environment, and enjoy the time there without gamble more than $100. That was what they told me, they actually enjoy the environment there and will always control themselves just too see people play and play less by own. Lucky, they do not know about online casino, if not I think they could be active in the online casino and have more online friend to gossip then.

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victor said...

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