Saturday, January 12, 2008

Vacuum In The Car

Boss was chatting with me yesterday regarding the vacuum she wants to buy. She said her car repairer told her that should make sure the car always in clear, so that the engine and air-conditional unit in the car would not be spoiling by the dust so easily. I am do not know about this, I used to think that we only have to send the car to wash every once a week is very good maintenance already.

Anyway, what the car repairer told her seems very logic too. I think is good to have a vacuum to clean dust in the car also. I heard my boss said that the Black & Decker is the best vacuum brand in marketplace. I am quite interested to get the Black & Decker hand held vacuum that cost about $51- $74 actually; the reviews from user seem very good. Well, I think I would read others vacuum cleaner as well, I have to select the most value to buy and best vacuum.

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