Wednesday, January 30, 2008

We Finally Have Chance To Sell Products Online

My boss just signed up a merchant account at Public Bank Berhad. Her new business have quite a lot of payment have to go through credit card processing, so we have no choice to apply as a merchant account. The economic charge for the merchant account is what we get now. They could offer u the services without based on monthly sales value. Due to our due business, it is very hard for us to estimate the monthly sales value actually. However, it is good we finally could found a company provides us the merchant services without based on monthly sales values.

They also provides us opportunity to sell our products online, I am not sure what kind of ecommerce software they are using. Wonder would their software as good as what I saw as ashop ecommerce software. Anyway, we would try our best to promote the products online now and hope we could have our own online store in the future.

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