Sunday, February 10, 2008

He Is Worry About His Health

I was chatting with my boss regarding my husband health after lunch. My husband started to concern about his health since last year, he is trying to control his diet and wish to improve healthy. Recently, he went for a full body medical checkup, the result turn out not very good. Well, not a bad result but just not as good as he expected.

I think he is worry that he got the cancer genes from his family. His father and uncle were dead of lung cancer. My husband always searches the cancer information online and wish to find something really can prevent it. I do not know how to help him on this, but I will try my best to serve him the healthiest food and remind him to do more exercise. Btw, I also read more online article and hope to understand cancer better.

p/s : If you do not know what is mesothelioma, then probably is time for you to learn more about cancer too.

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