Sunday, February 24, 2008

Music Nation For You And Me

Someone message me the website this morning. He told me I would like the website since I am like to discover new music online. I just back from the website and found that it is a great website, which would benefit the artist and music lovers a lot.

For new artist, you should sign up an account in Music Nation and get start to share you music with people who likes it. You can share with others users in Music Nation after you uploaded your music to YouTube. Besides getting people to listen to your music, you could join their competitions and win prizes, media coverage and even recording contracts!

For music lovers, you could easily search the music or song that you like according to the genres at You could also rate the music and help the music stand for more opportunities to show in front of others users. So, isn't that great to listen to free music and rate the music according to your taste?

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