Monday, February 11, 2008

No New Of Our Bonus Until Today

I have a very good rest in last week holidays. I am feeling lazy to resume work after rest for a week of holidays. Lazy bugs starting to attack me again. Actually, another reason that makes me no mood to start working is I did not hear any news about our bonus until today. Our company supposes to let us know is there any bonus for this year before for holidays, but I get nothing until today.

I am working in the account department, I should be the one who is first to know about the bonus besides my boss. I think my boss would not give us bonus this year, as I have not heard from her talk about the bonus. Of course, I am feeling unhappy with this kind of decision, after work for a completed year but have no bonus is kind of sad news, right? :(

Sometimes, I wish my boss can apply the Payday Loan and pay us the bonus first, then only repay the money by monthly to settle the payday loan. Maybe my idea is quite silly but that is what our employee wish to have. Most of employees are looking forward to the yearly bonus. I hope boss would appreciate our hard work and give us bonus, it does not matter is big amount or small amount. I just want an appreciation gift.

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