Sunday, February 03, 2008

She Wants To Escape From Husband

My boss is planning on how to escape form go back to her husband’s hometown on coming Chinese New Year. She already let her children know that she would not follow them to back to their hometown. I understand that she is trying to escape from her husband again. According to her, she would stay at her own parent’s home until we resume working.

I fully understand how she disappointed to her husband. If I am her, I definitely would not live with him and straightly apply for divorce already. Unfortunately, my boss has too many personal financial case is related with her husband. So, it is hard to divorce with her husband without planning.

I hope she would go through her problem soon. Anyway, I wish she could enjoy a little bit in the CNY festival. Since she has quite a few days holiday, I think she has more time to check out the rugby podcast tournament website. I know she likes to read tournament news, so I think the RBS 6 nations website could be her some fun in this special holiday.

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