Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Expand Business To Internet

I have already working in this company 5 years. I like this company very much because my boss treats us very good, as good as her friends and relative. This is the reason why I am so loyal to this company.

I do not only have to take care of the company account but also in charge of others job that not in my responsibility. I do not mind to work for company as long as I do able to help. Our company products are very good as all of them having high quality. However, our sales were not as good as we expected.

My boss commended that this might related with the marketing management problem we have. She is interested to expand the business online and get help from those SEO companies. She wants to build up her own brand in internet, and hope to generate sale without spend much on labour.

She told me she would try the Los Angeles SEO to get the biggest chance of expose our products all over the world. Being a company staff, I am surely wishes the SEO company could delivery SEO results successfully. So that, our company business would expand with good future.

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