Saturday, September 06, 2008

Failed My Impossible Mission

I am extremely busy in the office since last two weeks. Sometime, I even have to work OT at home. I am trying hard to complete the project as soon as possible. However, this project seems like an impossible mission to an IT idiot. Our company has decided to set up an online store to sell our products. And my “stingy” boss has assigned the project to me because I often online!

I already told her I do not know much about the shopping cart and totally know nothing about how to set up an online store. I believe it would not be as easy as setting up a blog! My boss is over estimated me. I do wish I manage to complete the project, but I know I am not going to make it after tried two weeks. Even I know how to set up the online store but I would not know how to build up the popularity of our store.

We need professional to help us build up the store as well as the store popularity. Where could I find IT company such as the New York IT Consulting company I found online? I am going to request my boss to hire them and get them to help us build up the online store.

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