Thursday, September 25, 2008

Free From Delivery Arrangement Problem

Our company no longer hire lorry driver since 2006. Our lorry had taken over by our ex-lorry driver, who also is our current main deliverer. My boss decided to sell the company lorry to ex-lorry driver because we are trying to avoid all kind of trouble cause by own driver. Previously, we were having problem to deal with own company lorry driver. This was the only reason caused my boss sold off the company lorry and assigns all the delivery to other transporter.

My boss does not care about how much she has to pay to other transportation as long as they able to deliver our products on time. I am very happy with this arrangement because I do not have to problem to arrange delivery already. Now, I would find transporter who manage to delivery our products on time. It is great when we do not have to depend on one specific driver and “watch” their mood for delivery arrangement.

The best is I do not have to help them to claim for Vehicle Reimbursement if any accident happen. Although the claim at is not hassle, but I could save my work and just pass that problem to transporter.

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