Sunday, September 14, 2008

Wish Her The Best In Business

CP has started to do online business since last month. She is importing Bento accessories form Japan and selling locally. She told me business is good because she has many friends buy from her. I think she has very good networking in the blogspace, therefore she able to sell off most of the items fast.

Many blogger friends willing to help her promote her bento products by blogging through their blog. I think promoting through their blogs would be the best promoting skill for her currently. Some more all is free of charge! Where to find such good marketing offers, right?

I am glad she has very good business. I think she will expand her business soon. I think she will need help from Branding Agency if want to expand business. She has to build up her own brand name. Friends might not able to help her expand further at that time. I believe she needs help from professional branding agency. They would have the best solution to help her build up her branding and products. She definitely would have more business come in when a good branding name in internet. Wow…could not believe that I am going to have a friend who is a big boss soon. haha

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