Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Get Her To Check Out the Whirlpool Bath Special Offer

My boss wants to renovate her house again. She told she does not satisfied with the Kitchen and Bathroom renovation, but she had no choice to accept it due to needed to move in urgently. The owner of the previous house she rented was requested them moved within three months and that three month time just enough for them to complete some of the renovation work at new house.

I help my boss to browse some Bathroom Furniture after she request me to check the price for her. I saw there are quite many types of bathroom furniture available in the Better Bathroom Online store. I think boss would interest to see those designs.

They are having clearance sale for whirlpool baths products. The 1700 Fluid Hydrotherapy Bath with 11-jet whirlpool system and a 12-jet Airspa system is selling at £710.95. Save $200! Too bad I am still could not afford to buy this. I could only get the 1500 straight 6 jet whirlpool bath with £299.95 only. But still have to consider if my bathroom enough space for it. *sign*

Well, my boss surely has no problem for the whirlpool bath because she is rich and her house is a bungalow, unlike my mini apartment. Ok, I will show her the website and ask her to check the special offer for Whirlpool Baths. Let’s see which type she likes.

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