Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Happy School Holiday

School holiday is already started. I think all the students surely would be very happy now. My 13 years old nephew already started to remind me the school holiday before it start. He asked me if I have any plan to celebrate the school holiday. Haha..I surely would organize a party and get ready many Holiday Party Games if I am still a student. Too bad, I was too old to enjoy the school holiday now.

I am missing the school holiday that went out with a group of schoolmates. Usually, we will organized school holiday vacation. Although it might just 3 days 2 nights trip but I love the moment we spent together very much. All of us were as close as brother and sister at that time. We seldom argue or fighting, we were chat and live with happily. Isn’t that seemed like a big happy family?

I wonder would I have opportunity to enjoy that kind of moment again or not. Now, we having our own family and are not easy to gather together already. Especially for those who have young children like I do. I hardly able to escape from the children and go out for gather. Haii..What an inflexible life now...

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