Friday, January 30, 2009

Fail on deit program

I was planning to start my diet program last month. In fact I already started the diet program last month but it does not last long due to my greedy on food. I am not only love to eat; the worst is I like to cook as well!

I do not have to be so headache if I do not know how to cook. I have no chance to eat more food if I do not know how to cook because I always being lazy go out to eat. I do not like to go out and have meal alone. Since my husband does not eat supper, so if I do not know how to cook then I would not have chance to eat supper. And this surely would cut down my calorie intake.

Too bad, I know how to cook and will always look for new recipe to try. I have to admit that most of the food I cook are contains high calorie. Don’t you think that high calorie food is more delicious? :p ..Maybe it is only my excuse but I do feel like that. Fried chicken and hamburger contains high calorie but they are very yummy! How could I decline them?

Opps…it remind me that I have to buy the
Le Creuset Tagine. I have a western recipe that needs to us a tagine; I am going to try this popular western cooking soon! haha

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