Thursday, January 15, 2009

Move Without worry

I am very busy chatting with one of my supplier on the phone since this morning. She informed us that her company would move to new factory, which is quite far from their current location next month. Therefore, she informed me to place my order early and get some stock ready in my warehouse, because they might need up to one week for the moving and will stop production on the following week.

I could not imagine how their going to pack and relocate all their stuffs within one week. They are very big factory with more than 500 workers. I think they might take more than 2 weeks to move all the items to new location.

I advice her to select and hire moving company carefully. They should not simply pick moving company just because of cheap price. They should select some licensed and trustworthy Movers such as famous boston moving company to help them move those plant and machinery. I believe their company would not mind to pay a little bit more money to ensure the safety of all the necessary movement. Plant and machinery and other fixture and fitting do not cost cheap. I think it is worth to hire better moving company for huge moving like this.

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