Friday, July 24, 2009

Still Vehicles Reimbursement Program Better

I just discover the fun of using Microsoft excel program. I am start using excel program since 15 years ago, but I never know it has has such great template ready for user to choose. I had to spend so many times just to create a form previous but now I do not have to spend time on that! I only have to search the form I wanted online and many similar forms with different design are waiting for me to download already. I do not need to spend time to create the form anymore.

However, those excel template is suitable for simple use only. I even found some Mileage reimbursement form online but that just too simple which could not help to organize and manage our company vehicles reimbursement.

I believe the vehicle reimbursement program by CRS would be a good solution to our company. We need the program to mange the detail reimbursement for each driver and Sales person. My boss often requests us to prepare the mileage reports and detailed reimbursement report, so that he could trace where the expenses gone. This kind of vehicle reimbursement program really helps to make our progress fast enough to prepare all kind of vehicle report.

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