Friday, October 30, 2009

Stop Headache About Company Financial Problem

I could not stand for the calls from suppliers already. They have been chasing for the payment since last two months and I also created so many excuses to tell them payment is not ready yet. I am trying my best not to disturb my boss regards short payment for creditors previously, because I know she does not want to face the problem too. However, I no longer know how to create excuses to stop creditors from request payment. I do not think creditors would accept the same excuse to purpose their payment for few months. If I am them I would not believe also.

Anyway, I already inform boss regarding the financial problem. I hope she could get a better solution. Maybe she could get help from Debt Collection company or she could go to customer office to chase payment. I do not want to think about how to get cash flow into company already. I already tried my best to help boss to settle the problem in last few years. But too bad, I am not good in marketing and I am only an account staff. I think is time for me to stop of thinking the problem again. I do not want to headache about how to settle the problem anymore.

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