Thursday, January 07, 2010

Miss Doing Yoga Again

It was already 8 months since I stopped to attend Yoga class. I was so tempting to keep fit and do more exercise at that time. Their flexible class schedule attracted me. They have many yoga class started from basic to high level. Pilates, basic yoga, Hot Dance and others. Besides that, their timetable is very flexible too, as they have class at morning, afternoon and at night. Due to I am a full time worker, I could only join the class at nighttime. Lucky they have few classes for me to select also. Therefore, I have no problem to join the class I wanted.

I suppose very happy with the center, right. Here was the bad news after I had joint their membership three months and paid about $1000 for one-year membership fees. I read the center owner has financial problem in newspaper. Some of the members’ complaint that classes cut down obviously and teacher said they did not get pay for few months already. Then the center closed down! I lost my $1000 like that only! That amount enough for me to buy ticket to Boston and the joint Pilates Boston class already! Very bad experience I had in such big Yoga Center! I am not daring to join membership since then. No matter how attractive their plan is.

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