Saturday, January 19, 2008

How To Celebrate CNY Without Bonus?

I have so many things to buy now. I am planning to buy all the necessary stuffs before 5th of February so that I could have more time to arrange my visit plan. I have to visit few relative that stay quite far away from me, we probably would spend two to three days just for visiting. So, I better buy whatever I need as fast as possible, I do not want to miss out something that I should send over to the relative. I wish I could save that money and buy nothing actually, but give away present in this special festival is so call “manner” in my family, so I have no choice to spend money for it.

I am kind of depressed now because my company has announced that we have no bonus for this year. Where do I find more money to buy all those necessary stuffs? I think I have to find other ways to get Fast Cash now, if not I do not think I would have enough money to spend for this festival. Money to buy new clothing, food, gifts to relative, parent and in laws, ang pow to children, all these already more than my 1 month salary!

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