Saturday, January 12, 2008

What Kind Of Daughter She Is?

My boss and her daughter is a pair of strange mother and daughter. I am not sure that is any other mother and daughter relationship like them. Boss’s daughter is 15 years old this year, she often come into our office after school. I have seen many time she argue with her mother in the office without care of how other people look at her.

I understand that she still very young and in the age to be in revolt against. However, I just could not stand for daughter like that. I am praying hard my SQ & Kiki would not be someone like her in the future. If my daughters are like her, I think I surely will move to the care home rather than stay with them. I do not want to live in the day of argument and I do not wish to die early because of them. I curious that how could my boss stand for her daughter talk without respect to her. It that what should a daughter treat the parent?

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