Thursday, February 21, 2008

Boss Should Consider The Construciton Finance

Starting up a new business is not an easy task. My boss has been working in construction line since 15 years ago. She working hard to get fund and invest into current company. We have a factory and a marketing office now. I could not say this company is making high profit but at least it is growing slowly.

We could see from our sales record is increasing since last few years. Sometimes our production workers have to work overtime to rush for the products. In fact, we need a cement truck, concrete equipment, surveying equipment etc to start a new production line. Current productions line just not enough to produce the quantity we need.

We have a plan to buy new construction equipment actually, but the plan has on hold due to tight of cash flow now. I wonder why my boss does not check out the Construction Finance offer at First City Capital. They offer leasing on construction equipments; I think we could get help from them.

ccording to what I read from the website, their application has streamlined the application process and gets the applicants the answer within one business day only. Moreover, we could get up to 250K once we get the approval. That is great for those applicants that need cash urgently. I hope my boss will consider to take the construction loan and expand our business soon.

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