Thursday, February 21, 2008

Should Get High Technology Web Conference For Business

In the early morning, my boss already complaint to me she have problem to conference with a customer due to Skype problem since yesterday. She urgently needs to contact a customer and discuss with him regarding the shipment arrangement.

I tried to help her check the Skype but could not find any solution until now. Since I am not good in IT, I think I really could not help her. However, I strongly suggest my boss to subscribe a web conferencing services rather then using those free but not stable conference tools.

There are many companies provide good web conferencing services, she should check it out. I will suggest her to check out Copper Conferencing first, a company that provide high performance web conferencing services to connecting small and medium companies with their oversea customers and suppliers.

Besides video conference, audio conferencing is common used now. It is an excellent and the faster way to conduct with customers with an affordable cost.I Think is worth to spend some money to get high technology conference Depot’s web conference services instead of using those low performance free conference service in a business. It is just not worth to lose a business opportunity due to conference quality problem.

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