Thursday, February 21, 2008

Get Help From Marketing Company

I have started to learn about the Public Bank eMall’s merchant features since the Bank’s sales representative come to our office for demo. Boss want me to handle the job, which I have to check the order and dealing with the customer and bank if receive order. I just visited to the website and found that it is not many visitors there yet. Maybe due to new launce of the website, I think they have to work hard to increase the visitors’ amount or do more advertising to attract people.

I think if Public Bank could get help from the Marketing Company and build up their eMall strength. I think the amount of visitors and sales would increase. Those Marketing Company will help to increase the visible of Public bank e-Mall website. I believe they should have a very good Marketing strategy to help the eMall appear in the top of engine result. With such good search engine result, I am sure more and more visitors would come to the eMall to shop. I hope this eMall would able to bring us new opportunities to generate more sales. The more visitors or buyer visit eMall, the more we could earn from there.

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