Thursday, October 30, 2008

he is too demanding

My boss made a great decision on not to hire own lorry driver. Previously, we were having lot of problem with driver. All source of problems appeals when come to delivery arrangement. The staff in the office has to communicating with customers and arrange for the delivery of good due to customers need. However the driver was not listen to us and trying to arrange for own delivery schedule. Customers used to complain to us when the stocks their orders were not able to deliver on time. Although we already tried hard to arrange the delivery but too bad our “lovely” driver never co-operate with us.

Maybe the driver is not satisfied with the salary company offered. Maybe he is demanding for more Car allowance such as our Sales executive. Anyway, he just refuses to follow our arrangement sometimes. I believe our company had offered the best pay and allowance to him. I do not understand why he is demanding so much. If he needs additional claim on vehicle reimbursement, then he should work hard and delivery more to get what he wants. He should not refuse to co-operate with office. Good that now we do not have to facing the same problem again.

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