Thursday, October 30, 2008

Weight Loss Is Whole Life Job

KwKx complaint to me she does not know how to write about the weight loss pills articles that requested by friend. She promises to help her friend finish a weight loss article last week. The date line should be in this weekend, but she stills has not start to think of how to write yet.

Although I am not good in writing but I have so many experience on weight loss. Maybe I could give her some ideas what to write in her article. By the way, I found a website provides many weight loss guides. I already sent her the website URL; I think she should able to get many ideas from there too.

Sometimes I feel very funny. Fighting with fat seems like a long term job for female. No matter we are 13 or 30, we stills wishing hard to be slim, to have a good body shape. I already spend half of my life on weight lose program, and now still working hard on it. I wish I could find a final solution to make my weight never increase. Too bad, it is only a dream to me. Unless, I do not eat or drink whole life, else I will be fat too. Sad life huh? :(

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