Thursday, October 30, 2008

i need luck!

I suddenly feel very useless because I have been working hard to loss weight for so many years but still not able to make my dream come true. I have been working hard to earn more money so that could retire early and have a relaxing age life but the target seems so far away from me. I do not know why I could not make my dream come true no matter how hard working I am.

Is it just like other people saying that we need luck to get rich fast rather than 100 percent depends on hard working? Well, I wish I could be the one have luck no matter it is real or no. Who does not want to be luck, right? If I am lucky enough, I could easily win big money with playing black jack at casino only. I do not have to use my energy to work hard I do not have to use my brain to think so hard neither.

Of course, I never say I would work hard for something I want. But I think it is great if the dream could come true without much effort. Don’t you think so? Maybe I should try my luck with playing blackjack now. Perhaps the dream just one more steps to go with my luck. :p

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