Friday, October 31, 2008

Strong Brand In The Market

My friend who does not like branded stuffs finally has broken her rules. She told me before she would never buy such expensive items just because of the brand. According to her, some products with no branded have very good quality as the so-called branded items. She even laughs at me when I told her I am interested to buy a LV bag, which cost about US$580.00. She said I am waste on the brand name of product but not the quality itself.

I think she would not say like that now, because she bought a LV bag that is much expensive than the one I am interested. Haha…She said she also does not understand why will buy it. Maybe the Branding marketing of LV is extremely powerful, if not who could a person who does not like branded item would buy it as well?

No doubt, that LV is doing very great in brand marketing. Especially for women, I think no woman would not know what LV is. Their price and quality are the best in marketplace. Haha…Too bad, I could only envy people who afford to buy LV. I am trying to buy a LV bag for myself but just no budget for it.

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