Friday, October 03, 2008

Should Not Demand Too Much

I am working in a city that full of big company and huge building. Working in a high tech company is what I am dreaming about. I prefer to work in a company that provides comfortable environment and working space for staff. I heard many peoples compliment the environment in the Google working space. I also saw their office photos before, it is quite hard to believe that their company really able to provide such great environment to staff! That is what I am dreaming for long time. I believe people who working in such environment surely will perform better.

I wish my boss could provide environment like Google as well. Although it might be a little bit problem because my current company is just a small business. I should not demand more; in fact my boss is very good to us. She never control our activities in the office as long as we manage to done our work on time. She even knows we are playing online Casino games in office hours. However, she never complain us because we always done the office works before playing any online games. Besides the office environment, I still love this company very much and very happy to work here too.

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