Friday, October 03, 2008

Working Hard To Save Money For New Home

I am started to search for apartment buyer since half year ago. We have decided to sell the apartment before move into new home. One of the reasons we are thinking to sell the apartment is because we are short of fund to renovate our new house. We have calculated the budget to renovate our double storey house. It would cost at least $100K for basic renovation and also other moving cost.

I am looking forward to move into new house, however, we could not simply move in without any renovation. I have done many surveys on renovation fees of a double storey house. The $100K is the most basic we have to pay for it. I am trying my best to save cost, but I just not able to cut down the renovation cost.

I think we are demand all good things, therefore we could not really save in the renovation. My husband also a demanding person who requests everything is good. He even told me, he will find a super professional Boston Moving Company to help us move house. He wants everything move in safe and smoothly. Well, I think we really have to work hard on earning money and perhaps our move house dream would come true as soon as possible.

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