Saturday, November 29, 2008

spring cleaning

I have collect some cartons back home today. Our office is doing spring cleaning today, there so many no use cartons are waiting to throw away. Therefore, I took some of item back home. I am going to start my spring cleaning soon. I need some cartons to pack those unnecessary items and clear up some place.

I do not like to do cleaning works actually. However, I do not have chance to escape from doing it because my husband like to keep his house clean. He would scold me if I do not clean my home often. Pity me huh?

I already decide to clean my house next month. There is another one more month to go for New Year, I think I should have enough time to clean my house and get things done. I need to clean the drawer, bookcases, study room, living room, bedroom and even toilet.

I think I would throw many useless thingy this time. Hmm..I wonder does my husband still want to keep the Baseball Gloves he bought 5 years ago or not. He likes cleaning place but also like to keep many things. I wonder what he will do if I throw his gloves. :p

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