Saturday, November 29, 2008

too many credit cards

I have seen many types of credit card that have good features. I have few credit card actually, but I do not like to simply apply for them without go through their features. I do not know why but I feel that most of the credit card is actually contains same features. I think you should know what type of credit card is available now. There are credit card that giving cash rebate for the fuel expenses or purchase. Credit card that offer special discount for NFL Merchandise products. Credit card for especially for businessman. Credit card that especially for balance transfer and etc. I think almost every feature that you could think of already available in the credit card market.

Then? Do you found a credit card that fixes your requirement already? I have not! There are many types of credit card but I just could not find one that is all in one! Haha..Maybe I am too picky, but I want a credit card that provides 0% interests for more than 1 year! See, this is impossible, right? No bank will not charge you if you are owing them money. They are attracting us to spend our future money yet want us to pay for interest. Haha..

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