Tuesday, December 16, 2008

gift that too early for baby?

Someone left a comment in my blog when I blog that I am going to buy some NFL jerseys products as a baby shower gift. Well, he must think I am simply said it. He commented that it is too early to buy a baby NFL jerseys products. Haha…I think he might not a father yet. If not I think, he might not think like that.

Baby growing very fast, just a clip of eyes they already grown. I really have this feeling. Especially when I am looking at my children. I still remember will how they torturing me on my confinement. When I hold them they just a tiny baby. However, now already are 5 and 3 years old children already.

They are not interested to play with the toys I bought last year. They are starting to demand something that I though it is too early for them. Well, I am not really understood what they want actually but I usually will buy things that useful to them. At least able to play for one or two years. I do not say the Jersey products are great for baby shower, but that should be a nice memorable gift to a baby and he stills play with when he grown. haha

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