Saturday, February 14, 2009

Better Than Nothing

How many months of bonus you received for this year? Some of my friend have one-month bonus, some not even have bonus. My company gave us one third of the month salary as bonus.I should not complain again because the market is so bad now. I never expect to get bonus nor increment. Therefore, having one third of monthly salary, as bonus already is very good to me.

We do not hire any Collection Agency to help us collect customers payment this year. Maybe that is the reason why our collection is quite slow. We depends our collection on one Sales Executive only. She is the only one have to get in touch with customer; to receive order; promote our products; collecting payment and other servicing. She has quite a heavy workload in the company.

My boss starting to demand more sales from. She has to contact more customers now. I think she would not have time to do for collection already. Currently, we in the office will call up the customer and check if the payment is ready. Our workload is increased as well. I suddenly feel that why my boss does not think of hire collection agent? With that, we do not have to worry about late collection nor keep calling customers already.

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