Saturday, February 14, 2009

I am Not A IT Technician

I never study about computer and its related info in a formal institute or school. However, my boss always treats me like her personal IT technician. She loves to ask me question about computer hardware, software, internet and all kind of computer’s related questions. I am trying my hard to answer those questions. If I do not know the answer then I will search online and trying to get the answer from internet.

It is ok for boss to ask me some basic question related with computer and internet. However, I am not very happy when she is asking me to solve some technician problem! Oh, do I know how to solve those technician problems? Is she expecting me to open the CU and check those chips one by one? On the other hand, she wants me to sit down in the office just checking what is wrong with the program. Sorry, I do not know how to do that because I do not know how to fix a program problem.

If boss want to fix the problem, she is better to get the manhattan it services to stand by and help her solve those IT problem immediately. I am just an accounting staff with limited computer knowledge. Do not expect me know how to repair your computer nor program.

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