Saturday, February 14, 2009

Met A Long Lost Friend

I met a long lost friend last Friday. We did not meet for few years already. I am so happy to find her again and wee finally manage to arrange for a gathering last Friday. We meet in a restaurant at 6pm. We have unless topic to chat and it was already 9pm when we leave the restaurant. At first, I thought to leave the restaurant at 7.30pm, so that I could have time to fetch my daughter from mother’s house. Well, I am late and have no choice to request hubby to fetch the girls while I am back home directly.

My friend told me she is moving to new home next month. She properly will organize an open house ceremony after settled down. I am happy to hear that because we going to have more time to chitchat in the ceremony day. Anyhow, I think she would be very busy now. I know how hassle to move home. Previously, I used 3 months to pack my stuffs, arrange for moving and others. It is not easy to work for a prefect-moving plan. Especially for my friend who is an art lover. She definitely has many artworks have to arrange for moving. I think she might need to keep her art stuffs in art storage place before move out. IT would be better to clean one by one rather than mix all stuffs together.

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