Monday, March 09, 2009

Moving House is not easy

I could not remember how many time did I write about moving house. I always suggest friend to hire Moving Company if they want to move house. It is not only save the hassle of planning, but also save their energy on the moving process.

I never know moving house is so tire and exhaust until I experience it. My first moving house was 7 years ago. I still have very deep feeling on the moving process. I didn’t hire any moving company at that time because I do not know we could hire them to help with little money. I also thought that moving house should not be a difficult job.

I am so wrong! I could not forget how hassle is I. my expectation was totally different, I used so much time on the repacking and rearrangement works. I still have fear to do it again. That is the reason why I recommend my friend to hire moving company if want to move house. Because besides the moving process, we still have to settle so many other things. Such as the rearrangement of your items after moved in. I beg you need more energy to complete the works fast. If not settle with fast, I think you probably would be next me. Those stuffs still keep in the carton few months after moved in. haha

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