Friday, February 13, 2009

Busiest Month for me

Last month should be the busiest month for me. I have to call customers and request for payment non-stop since the first day of January 2009. Why I have to be so busy? I think most of the employees have a wish like me in the beginning of year. All because I wish company could compensate us with good amount of bonus! My boss already said early, the budgeting of bonus would be depends on the payment received within the month of January. We always tight on cash flow, therefore, I need to work hard to keep chasing customers to pay us on time. If not we would not get the bonus already.

Although not all the customers paid us last month, but the debt collection consider not bad already. Almost 70% debts were collected just after the terms. It is much better than few months ago. We only managed to collect 50% debt amount only.

I only got one third of my salary amount as this year bonus. Well, this already a good amount to me because I never expect to receive bonus at all. I did not have a cent bonus at last year! No bonus No increment for last year. This year should be a good start as I finally get my bonus. :)

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