Friday, February 13, 2009

External Hard Disk Problem

I have an external hard disk, which bought 5 months ago. I have wrongly bought the 3.5” external hard disk. I think there is another 2.5” external hard disk but I was not know there is so big different. The unacceptable different for me is not about the side but is about the connection. I do not know the 3.5” external hard disk need electrical supply, I thought it could be use like thumb drive! Stupid me!

Besides that, the connection of hard disk and computer is not good also. It wills automatic disconnected. I suspect is the UBS plug problem. Therefore, I am thinking to change the external hard disk into an internal hard disk. I thought I only have to open the cover and connect it with cable then it would be an internal hard disk already. I am wrong!

*sign* I think I better get my company technician to help me solve the problem. I do not want to accidentally spoilt my computer pc and causes my boss to look for it consulting to help. I do not want my personal problem to causes problem for company. Although this year bonus was not good, amount but I do not want to get fire as well. :p

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