Friday, March 20, 2009

Bathroom Also Took So Much Photos

I have so many hobbies. Once I discovered a new hobby, I would spend money and time just to have fun with the hobby. I started to fall in love with DSLR Camera last year June. I bought a DSLR Camera on my trip to Japan. Then, I also bought a 50mm standard lens, followed by the latest Nissin DI 622 flash gun. I am not expecting in photography, and I know I would not be someone who expects to capture beautiful photos as well. I only want to capture my children’s photos with more powerful DSLR Camera, so that I would have some clear and sharp photos.

I was so crazy to snap photo everywhere when I first bought my camera. I capture my children’s photo when they play at outdoor; when they are taking bath in bathroom; when they are sleeping on the bed. Almost everywhere and whatever they do. You would not believe that I took so many photos. I could spend so much time just to take photos for different bathrooms! I could not understand what make me so interested in taking photos, but I just like to snap those photos, so that I could remember the scene and sightseeing after that.

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