Saturday, May 16, 2009

Romantic Vacation Villas

I was surfing the St. Thomas Villas website my friend show me just now. The Villa’s environment is great! It must be a great stay in such Villa.

I am tempting to book Villa with good view and nice environment. I am so tempting to have relaxing and romantic vacation now. I never spend time in Villa like this with hubby. Well, I think we do not have time and chance to go vacation after give birth two babies. Our time have fully occupied by the children. Never say to go a couple vacation, we do not even have time to go out for a movie!

Next year, my children will be 6 and 4 years old respectively. I think they would be ok to stay with my parent without us for few days. I am thinking to plan for a 3 days 2 night short trip in next year. I want a vacation that only for hubby and m. We should have some real couple time.
Sit at balcony, viewing great ocean view and enjoying high tea without go out but only stay in the villa could be very nice too. That would be an alternative way to enjoy the expanse of the Caribbean.

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