Saturday, May 16, 2009

Nice Company Gathering

I just back from high tea with my boss and colleague. We already planned a high tea gathering for few months and finally today are the day! We reached there about 1.00pm. I was planning to settle all and back home around 3pm. But guess what? We left the hotel at 5.30pm, which are 2 and half hours late than my expected time!

I have to say that today is a very good gathering for us. We have a very crazy but nice talk in the gathering. We shared lot of fun and story there. I even pursue boss to have a company trip, so that we could have more chance to enjoy like today. A relax and chitchatting time surely will improve our relationship, I believe we could co-operate better in work as well. We are so happy boss really agreed to my suggestion and told us might bring us to her vacation villa in yearend! I am looking forward for the company trip now.

Oh yes, my boss have few vacation Villa located in different destination. She is expert in property investment and knows where would be the best place to invest. Recently, she is busy to check out the St. Thomas Real Estate information. I wonder is she planning to invest into new property again. Well, rich person always have lot of idea on making money. haha

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