Friday, July 17, 2009

Business Impacted badly

2 years ago, I am compliant that company had not enough fund to roll because we need more money to buy materials to fulfill our products order. That time we have enough sales volume but not enough fund to purchase materials and expand production line. Boos applied two personal loans to get cash flow in our company account. That time had solved our problem and business seems improved a lot at that time.

However, now I wonder should I request boss to find another personal loan or not. Our business has slow down a lot since January 2009. Now has become the worst because not many sales we have currently. Our business impacted by market badly. I know my boss is working hard to find a better solution now, however, I think this might not easy for her to settle the entire problems.

I wish we could get the Sales Executive to call debtor and work hard for the debt collection like previously, but too bad, current need to collect debtor payments leave not much already. Our business is facing sales volume problem. Sales percentage dropped almost 50% within these few months, current sales volume does not meet the break-even point at all.

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